U3A Southampton Home

We are one of 1000 local U3A groups up and down the country with a nationwide membership of around 400,000. Let no one be put off by the title of University. In this case it simply means a place for all, a place where everyone with an interest in enjoyable lifelong learning can come together.

The U3A does not concern itself with qualifications, examinations or testing. Its objective is to provide opportunities for anyone, no longer in full-time employment, to meet and share in the pleasures of pursuing an interest in common, be that French or Poetry, Local History or Astronomy, Rambling or Painting; there is no limit to what people might choose to share.

Most activities are organised in small groups meeting mainly in members’ homes. Members, through sharing their knowledge, skills and experience, learn from each other. Each month there is a general meeting with a guest speaker and throughout the year there is a social programme, including trips, theatre visits, quizzes, skittles evenings and coffee mornings. A newsletter is published every two months and gives full details of all events.

Each U3A is operationally independent but is affiliated to the national organisation, the Third Age Trust. The Trust offers support and a great deal of helpful advice and information to all regional U3As, and has a large library of resources readily available to all. The Trust publishes a magazine, "Third Age Matters", which is posted to all members five times a year and an educational bulletin, "Sources", which is sent three times a year.

A small part of our annual subscription goes towards financing the Trust.